Monday, August 17, 2009

Conceptual Fashion & Artistic Photography Package RM1600

Conceptual Fashion MAGZINE SHOOTING Package RM1600

Conceptual & Artistic Photography is suitable for everyone.This shooting is Creative,Artistic and unique.

The photos will looks like what you see in Fashion Magazine.

This is how it works.

In this shooting Package,

JiN will plan a concept based on the model's looks.

The one and only special concept will be originally design and plan by Baddogz JiN.

Baddogz JiN will brief the makeup artist to do the makeup for you based on what he plan and draw in his concept drawings.

JiN will setup the background and use his special Artistic lighting techniques for this shooting.

The special thing about Conceptual shooting package is,this shooting comes with a ttheme.It is all originally design by Baddogz JiN.

  • A hard copy 5R size PHOTO ALBUM
  • 15 Edited professional digital images on DVD.
  • Models can bring along 3 sets of wardrobe on their own preferences.
  • Outdoor extra charge depends on locations.

Baddogz will do the makeup for u based on his concept drawings.He has done most of the makeup by himself in a few of his previous concept shooting.

*For hard copy album print out there wil be extra charges based on size.

The shooting will roughly takes about 3-4 hours.

The package is only RM1600 for now.

*This package is for NON-Commercial use only.

50% of the total amount have to be pay for reservations.
*All deposit that paid are "NOT REFUNDABLE" .

Please contact us now to make your reservations.
Mobile : 017-2432533 / 017-6184688 


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