Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Beauty of Narcissism - Internal Flame

title : The Beauty of Narcissism - Internal Flame

model : Eugenee Ooi Miss Malaysia Tourism 2011
makeup & hair : Mier Yap - MYmakeupservice
art direction & photography - Baddogz Jin
designer's wear : Alwyn Chua

*Personal thoughts :

This is my second time doing a shoot with fire.It was pretty scary when the fire is started..Due to the fire is pretty near to the model and the model is wearing something that easily caught fire on her body.
This is a very challenging shoot.

The story behind this shooting is to describe the painful of human being now a days. We lives in a world that full of stress and pain.
Everyday,we work our ass out from morning to night.And after work we go to drink with friends or clients to release stress.This is just a temporary solution even-thought u get yourself drunk everyday.It wont east the pain in our heart.

We are living in a CAGE.(which is why there are metal around the model).She is trapped and wont be able to escape out. The FIRE is to describe a living hell (like how we live in out world now)
She is crying (shown in the makeup)..There are tears in our heart..facing the world unwillingly.
Smile in front of everyone but are you really happy? The fake smile that you put on your face might be able to cheat people around you but think again, do you really feel happy inside you?? ....

Appreciation :

Thanks alot to the young & beautiful model-Eugenee Oii (Miss Tourism Malaysia 2011) for trusting me on this.I respected her so much because she is very confidence and eventho she is scared she perform very well during the shoot.
The fire is burning right in front of her.She can feel the heat but she never show any sign of scared.
I think most of the girls will scream or just ask me to stop but she didn't. "a round applause for her braveness" !!

And of coz this shoot will not be success without the help of my extremely talented & pretty makeup artist - Mier Yap from My makeup service. I love her works so much.After all these years working in this field,finally I found my favorite makeup artist.

Last but not least, I have thanks for Alwyn Chua for his creative fashion outfit.I love his entire collections so much and will do a few more shoots of them.

Here is a Behind the scene video of the shoot..enjoy :)