Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Model STARTUP package.

Model STARTUP package . RM999

Package include:
- 10 X edited soft copies.
- 5 X outfits.
- 3 X different shooting styles.
- 1 X comp card
- Promote in Baddogz Model website.
  (For future Baddogz Studio's customer to choose)

Extra add on :

-Makeup & Hairdo service RM250

-Feature in our social media channel :  RM250/post (Pin as top post for 5 days)
-Baddogz Studio 5k Followers
-JiN's photography 24K Followers

*This package is for NON-Commercial use only.

50% of the total amount have to be pay for reservations.
*All deposit that paid are "NOT REFUNDABLE" .

Please contact us now to make your reservations.
Mobile : 017-2432533 / 017-6184688 
email : Baddogz.Jin@gmail.com
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Baddogz.JiN

Samples :

Compcard Samples :
Prince_compcard_resize.jpg picture by Baddogz