Friday, January 30, 2015


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Baddogz.Jin 第二部戏 “梦魔”即将开拍,我们在此寻找演员。如果你有兴趣参与这部电影的话,请填下以下资料然后email回给我们。

Baddogz.Jin’s second movie “Dreamerz” is going to start shooting soon. Hereby, we are looking for the talents for this movie. If you are interested , please fill in the form and send us back by email.
*Please attach 3 of your latest photos which include : Half body , full body and close up.
Please send to the following email :
Please stated : “Dreamers talents” as the email title.

We are still looking for the following roles to fill in :

1 X supporting actor 男配角
2 X supporting actress 女配角
10 X extras (male & female) 茄呢啡


*Prefer Role 选择角色 :
*Prefer Name 称号 :
*Full name 姓名 :
*IC number身份证号码 :
*Date of Birth生日日期 :
*race宗族 :
*Height高度 :
*Shirt size 衣服尺寸 :
*Vital Stats 三围 :
*weight 重量 : kg
*Shoe size 鞋号 :
*Hair color 发色 :
*Hair length头发长度 :
*Eye color 眼睛颜色 :
*Skin 肤色 :
*Contact number 电话号码 :
*Email address 电邮 :
*Facebook Link 面子书账号 :
*Experiences 之前演出过的作品 :

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